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Maybe you are here for a bracelet? If so, you are going to want to read this before you go to the shop so you can order the correct size. 

To size yourself you will need a piece of string or yarn and a ruler or measuring tape. Wrap the string or yarn around your wrist in the spot where you will be wearing a bracelet. Pinch the string where it meets itself full-circle on your wrist and then measure the string up to that pinch point using your ruler or measuring tape. Then just pick that size in inches under the option listed on the page for the bracelet that you want. We automatically add a little extra length for your comfort, so please do not go a size higher thinking that it will fit better. 

There you go. Simple and easy. 

Are you buying for someone else and you're not sure what size they would be and maybe you want it to be a surprise or are a little afraid to ask them what size they are? No worries, we've got you covered. Here is what we have found:

4" to 5.5" - great for kids

6" to 7" - great for petite females and teens or larger kids

7" to 7.5" - great for your average man, woman, or large teen

8" to 8.5" - great for the big guys and girls who are used to pumping iron

9" to 9.5" - great for that person who does a lot of manual labor and looks like Popeye or a football linebacker.

If the item that you order does not fit, don't worry, we'll be happy to exchange it for you at no additional charge.

On the next page we have examples of our available colors.

We are open to custom orders if you don't see the exact color combination that you want.

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